“Natural Paradise”

This was our second trip to N,5 of 5 stars

 the first being within the first 3

 months of opening in 2010. Needless

 to say, we enjoyed our first, and were

pleasantly surprised by the improvements

and the fact that they are growing slowly

without sacrificing the personal attention to

detail and superior service! This is a naturist's

comfort zone with clothing optional pool, beaches,

 and clothes free run of the resort.
The food was great and plentiful, with a combination

 of Jamaican and Carribean flavor, enhanced by the

 spices and herbs grown right on property. The Chefs

 take personal pride in all that they serve, whether it

be at the swim up bar, buffet, or even on the beach! 
Rooms are clean with a knotty pine rustic flair, and

enhanced by the housekeeping staff's personal touches

 of flowers, towel crafted animals, and twice daily towel

changes and touch ups. Grounds are lush and well

maintained, but could be cut back a little . Night life is

early by some standards, but the piano bar, and hot

tubs extend the evening for those that aren't ready to

turn in. Beaches are well maintained, and easily accessible

to long walks for those that want to venture off. We didn't

snorkel, but those that did came back with reports of a

 variety of fish seen including several stingrays.

Entertainment staff works hard without being too

 pushy, and volleyball competitions, water slide,

and even the goat races on the beach constantly

had us meeting with new friends. This is a couples

 orientated resort with a very laid back atmosphere

 that caters to comfort and relaxation, and the staff

 does all possible to assure that their guests' needs

 are attended to. We would recommend to all looking

 for an adult vacation to relax or just reconnect!

Larry and Diane / Florida-March 2014


“Family, Feb 21-26, 2014”

This was my wife and I's 3rd time back to the N resort

in a year. We celebrated our first anniversary from being

married at the resort. When my wife and I arrived we were

huggingly welcomed by 7 couples that witnessed our

wedding on the beach from last year. What a treat!!!5 of 5 stars

The staff has become our second family. We miss you J

effery, Okema, Baxter, Nicholus, Freddie, je remain and

the rest of staff. Beach is fantastic as is the pool!

Hot tubs and rooms. Be back in a few months. RESPECT


“Greatest place for the outdoor nudist.”

Yeah, it maybe a little rustic, but WE LOVE THAT.

Look, this is not the Hilton or Ritz, but that's why its

so great, it just feels homey and comfortable. The

food is good, the staff exceptional and the rooms

quaint and clean. If your tastes are that of a princess,

you should stick with sitting on your lounge chair

pool-side all week at Hidden Beach.

The true draw of this place are the other nudists.

This if the most friendliest place on the planet,

you will be smiling and laughing all week. We

have made quite a few friends that we will keep in touch with.

The second biggest draw is the beach!!! You can walk nude

for about two miles on undeveloped beach and enjoy the true

wonder of feeling free while snorkeling nude anywhere!!!

Where else can you do that without bumping into another

luxury, ubiquitous resort and clothed gawkers that will

point fingers at you. Not here.

 We will be back next February. 


“N-resort Feb 7th-17th 2014”

4 of 5 starsThis was our second trip to N-resort,

We had a fantastic trip once again!

Thanks to all the Great Staff, they

really make this place! Very laid back

 and relaxing! Great Food, Great people!

Great Weather! We will be back!! Thank

You N-resort! Dave and Andrea.


“Terrific attention to Service”

July 2013


You will experience exceptional service, 

top notch treatment at ‘N’. My fiancée 

and I just returned from our first visit 

to the N Resort. Having visited many C/O 

resorts, we like to continue to explore 

new options. After the initial ‘shock’ of

 the non-Caribbean architecture that must

 have been inspired by Paul Bunyan’s Pocono

 log cabin, we found the resort to meet and 

exceed our expectations. The staff and service

 was phenomenal, they went above and beyond.

 My fiancée is gluten and diary intolerant

 and as soon we questioned the food ingredients

 the head chef came out to assure her that

 everything she ordered would meet her dietary 

requirements. Even with the quiet slow pace of

 the ‘low season’ light guest attendance, there’s

plenty to do, besides the oceanfront beach, the

 pool, and daily entertainment, you can enjoy a

 nude game of billiards or ping pong (with the 

obvious pleasant distraction), play on the swing 

set, nude beach walk, hot tub, pool slide, fish

 at the end of the pier, or just hang out to 

drink and eat to your heart’s desire. The evening

 theme nights with fine dining of lobster and 

other delicious menu options, and constant staff 

attention to service, while musicians were playing,

 was great. We would certainly recommend ‘N’, and

 after meeting some of the other friendly guests

 who were on their multiple return visits validates

 the resorts commitment to consistent great service.

Room Tip: Oceanfront 2nd floor rooms are the best



“Utter Relaxation”

July 2013


My wife and I just got back from the 

most relaxing vacation we've had in years.

 We stayed in an oceanfront room. The Carribean 

was 20 feet from the back porch. The room was 

spacious, well maintained and comfortable. The

 beach was wide and kept clean by the staff, 

in spite of the North wind that blew in seaweed

every night. Snorkel gear, kayaks, tennis courts, 

a 100 foot spiral pool slide, swim up bar, pool 

volleyball court and a friendly and enthusiastic

 activities staff kept us as busy and entertained 

as we wanted. The kitchen and wait staffs were

 excellent, as was the cuisine. Plenty of fresh

 fruit, fresh fish, and Jamacian goodies. Serving

 sizes were ideal. We never left hungry. Never

 asked for seconds. The grounds, buildings and 

facilities were well maintained. There is no 

doubt that we will go back.

Room Tip: Go for beachfront. The waves lull you to sleep.



“3rd time and more to come”

June 2013


We just returned from our 3rd visit to N 

and met old friends from previous trips 

and made some new friends. The wonderful

 staff at this naturist resort welcomed 

us back and many of them are like family

 to us. The weather before we left called

 for a rain almost every day but as usual

 in the carribean, it was always somewhere

 else. The weather was perfect,the people 

were great, the food was excellent and the

 rooms were clean. What more could you ask

 for. We will be back


“First Time at "N"”

June 2013

Where to start. This place is AMAZING!!!!

 My wife and I just returned from N, Jun

 10-21, 2013. This was our first time in

 Jamaica and at N-Resort. First off, if 

your looking for the party L/S environment

 this is not the resort for you. If your 

looking for marble and granite and bling,

 you will not find I here. What you will 

find is rustic, natural accommodations, 

rooms with natural hard wood floors, 

beautiful well maintained landscaped 

grounds. IF, however you want a VERY 

relaxing quiet vacation this is a must

 on your list of places to stay! N is

 about a 30 minute shuttle ride from 

Montego Bay Airport (MBJ). Upon arrival,

 the staff greeted us as if we where 

returning guests. Since this was the 

"off season", counting us there was 6 

guests-3 couples! It's was great having

 the whole resort to ourselves. A few

 guests came and went while we were there

 and the max number of guests at one time

 during our stay was 20 - 10 couples. 

The resort has 96 rooms total. If we needed

 or wanted something the staff made sure 

we where taken care of. To include a trip

 into town to the pharmacy. This is a "all

 inclusive" couples resort (no kids) and is

 a nude resort, meaning that if you wish you

 can be nude 24/7, even while dinning. Next

 time we are only packing a tooth brush and

 maybe one or two changes of clothes. There

 are fresh towels available to sit on the 

chairs and on the lounge chairs by the pool.

 The pool and main hot tub are cleaned and 

maintained everyday. There are 3 hot tubs on

 the grounds but only one was filled since 

there was so few guests. The swim up bar is 

great, all the drinks are included, just be

 careful with the Bob Marley shots (thanks

 Jeffery). The entertainment staff has 

something planned every hour of every day.

 Beach walks, trivia, aquasize in the pool,

 theme nights, pool water volleyball, body

 painting, local shopping, local bands and

a fire eater. The entertainment staff even 

took us and another couple to the club 

Margaretville in Montego Bay to party one

 night. The beach is great and cleaned every

 morning of seaweed blown in from the north 

easterly winds. The food is wonderful with 

great presentation, fresh fruits, fresh fish

 and Jamaican cuisine. The portions are perfect

 and they will bring more if your still hungry.

 The rooms are beautiful and well maintained. 

The cleaning staff was perfect, they made sure 

our towels where fresh, room was cleaned and

 that the bed was turned down every night. You

 can take pictures on the resort as long as the

 other guests are not in them without prior 

approval of course from the guests. We took over

 300 pictures on our trip. We can not say enough 

wonderful things about "N-Resort". Thank you Freddie

 (GM) and your entire staff for making our stay 

with you unforgettable. We will be back!!!!!

Brian and Melanie


Back to our Jamaican Home

March 2013

Anothher wonderful trip to N-resort.
 My wife and I have been coming to the
 resort since it re-opened in 2010 and
absolutely love the place. It's a testament
 to the resort that there are so many repeat
 customers. It's also good to see the number
of vistors to the resort grow each year. It's
the people that make the resort. From Martin and
Sanchez preparing delectable dishes to Owayne with
activities, Barrington at the piano bar and Geoffery
 taking care of any of your beverage needs and doing
 entertainment. Freddy works hard to make sure the guests
 have a wonderful experience. We also had a chance to meet
up with a lot of wonderful friends that we've been able to
make through the years as well as make new ones. Can't
 wait to visit again soon! 

Wonderfully Relaxing Place

March 2013

As a long time visitor of Braco,
 N Resort filled the void. The
staff were fantastic. Before the trip,
 I was concerned about the size of the
 resort and eating options. My wife has
 celiac and has to be gluten free. At
 check-in, I mentioned it and we were
 immediately introduced to Martin the chef.
 He took personal responsibility for guiding
 my wife to foods that she could eat at every
 meal. We will definitely return.


A Great time at N Resort

March 2013

This was our first time nude vacation
 experience and we had a great time at
N Resort. The accomodations were neat and
 clean, the hotel staff went out of their
 way to make us comfortable in every way
 and the food was excellent. If you are
looking for a great place to relax and enjoy
 the outdoors, we recommend it highly.
 Including neighboring beaches, there must
 be at least 2 miles of beach to walk along,
 in the buff. We met some really nice people
 there and are really looking forward to a
return visit.

N Resort Exceeded our Expectations

February 2013


We read many reviews of N Resort prior to our
 vacation there February 15-24. Those reviews
turned out to be, for the most part, fairly accurate.
 If you are looking for the newest, plushest resort,
open your wallet wider and move on. For our hard earned money,
 N Resort fit the bill for a relaxing au natural vacation.
The grounds are lush and well manicured, our room was clean
 and well stocked and the entire staff under manager Freddy
 eager to make our experience nothing but pleasurable!!! I
won't drag this on with every detail of our time there, suffice
to say this resort has earned the good reviews that sold us on
 coming here and we plan on returning!! The staff is just phenomenal,
the food very good and while the portions are not huge, just ask for
more baby piglet, they are happy to oblige!!! The drinks are always
flowing and we did see some who brought their own 7-11 Big Gulp cups;
 we were fine with what the bar was serving. There is night life; games,
 bands, disco, piano bar and our fav, hot tub nude socializing. Make no
 mistake, this IS a mature crowd; think 40 and up...way up. But we like
this kind of crowd. No pretensions, no one 'hitting' on you. We did
notice a few swingers there but for the most part they did abide by
 the rules of the house that there be no public displays of sexual
 activity. This IS a great place to just chill and enjoy the sun naked,
 we loved it!!! Freddy told me there are about 150 staff members at N Resort
 so I cannot single any out; all we encountered treated us not as occupants
 but truly as guests and friends. Respect to all and we look forward to
 coming home!!!


Fantasy Island

February 2013

My name is Doug and my wife Stacy and I got married
 on the beach Feb. 24. I worked with staff member
Trishawana for several weeks on planning the event
ans she went above and beyond all of my expectations to
 get all the paper work and event scheduled. "Thanks again
 Trishawana". The general manager "Freddie" is a true professional
 and keeps the whole resort running like a Rolex. We became instant
 friends and did so much to make our stay and wedding a lifelong
 memory. He even went as far as to search 7 different market stores
 to bring my wife hair pins the day of our wedding. What other
general manager does that?. "Thanks again Freddie". The staff is
 second to none. Always smiling and making you feel like your
something special. We went to N resort to get married by
ourselves and came home with a whole new family. Instantly
upon arriving we made best friends with the whole staff in
fact front desk manager "Okema", was sweet enough to do Stacy's
 hair and makeup. Made her look even prettier than she already
 is. "Your the best Diamond and we miss you". We asked Freddie's
 permission, which he agreed, to have Chef Damion and Activity
Director Tashalee to be our best man and maid of honer. What a
 great decision. We are friends forever now. Two of the most
 outstanding people we have ever got to know in our lives.
" We miss you two so much and can't wait to to back to share
 more laughs and happy times. Enough about our fantasy wedding
and more about the resort and staff. The beach is awsome and
 water so clear. Our daily walks, 10 per day, were great and
 the staff keeps the sand raked to clear of sea grasses all day
everyday. While my new bride would sleep in I would spend the
early morning hours fishing off the pier. One morning early bar
staff member brought me out a plate of bread for bait, wow that
 was so kind. Gardner " Winston" brought me aloe for my sunburn
 and made us a bouquet of flowers for our room. It was so much
 fun to watch him climb the coconut trees to cut coconuts down
then carve them and cut mall hole on top drop a straw in and whalla
  instant true tropical beverage. Stacy and I have been to many
 different Jamaica resorts and by far N Resorts blows them all
away with service with a smile. The bar staff is incredible. I
could name every one of our new friends but instead I will just say
 " Stacy and I can't wait to return to be with all of you again".
 The chef's are amazing. The detail they put in the presentation
of the dishes is so perfect. "Keep up the amazing job all our new
friends and Stacy and I will see you in July"!!!!

January 2013

My wife and I just got back from a quick
 little get-a-way and spent 4 nights at this
resort and let me just say it was perfect for
 what we wanted.

You can tell that the resort is older but the
 charm is still there and along with a staff
that goes out of their way (Jamaican time though),
the value is definitely there. They had a "buy 4
 nights and get a fifth free" but I just didn't
 have the flexibility in my schedule to make it
 work THIS TIME!:-)

Rooms were cleaned 2 x per day and had no issues
at all with housekeeping. She made sure whatever
I needed or wanted was there everyday. My wife's
hair dryer went out and they brought her a new one
to use (we didn't even ask for it. Just mentioned
 it to a maintaince guy).

Food was good. They really do a good job with Jamaican
 Cuisine and it shows at every meal. I'm not a big fan
 of buffets but theirs was good enough to get a "4" out
 of me.

In reading the previous posts, I was surprised that the
resort had about 70 people there (35 couples). We met a
 lot of wonderful people there and didn't want to leave
 when our time was up.

I would recommend this resort to anyone who wants to
experience an nude vacation whether it be your first time
 or an experienced clothing optional traveller.



“Great Vacation”

December 2012


Just returned from a wonderful week in

sunny Jamaica. N-Resort exceded expectations

in all ways. The food was excellent with

a great variety of choices prepared as

per your order, no buffet entrees here.

Drinks mixed to your liking with top

choice liquors and cold red stripe at

the bars. Rooms very nice with that

rustic look of hardwood, not the normal

concrete walls you see at most resorts.

In-room fridge with cold beer and other

drink choices was nice touch.

The staff @ N-Resort were amazing and

very attentive to all needs and wants.

Grounds were well maintained and beautiful,

beach cleaned and raked throughout the day.

Water volleyball and other games orgained

by activties staff. Entertainment varied from

night to night, "Big Mamma" was a hoot!!

Pool area was large with plenty of seating

available in comfortable lounge chairs,

proximity of hottub to bar was a big plus

(drinks served by staff while you soaked

and visited with new friends).

Just a note, be sure and bring mosquitos

spray or lotion as some guests were bothered

by the little pests. The resort had a spray

mixture of listerine for use, which helped

with most but not all guests. Alas, the

tropics! Small tradeoff for amazing views

and waking to the sound of surf just off

your balcony.

Will definitely return to this resort, look

forward reacquainting with new found friends

and meeting even more new ones which will

most assuredly be there!

Thanks N-Resort for a wonderful vacation and

to the staff which made it all possible!!!


Room Tip: Upgrade to beach front if possible

but even beach view were very nice with wonderful

beach view.



“Excellent service, food, and location”

November 2012


Our first trip to a clothing optional

resort, must say it was a great experience.

The service from all aspects was excellent.

Beginning with the staff knowing our name by

the end of the day to the food. Hotel was

clean rooms were cleaned twice a day. Pool

bottom needs a little re-surfacing but

that was the only negative we encountered.

The other guests were friendly and its was

like vacation with old friends. Special

kudo's to Geoffery, Martin, Sanchez, in

the restaurant. Greg and O'Wayne E.D.'s,

and Kadesha, Andre, bar staff, and all

the wait staff. Thank You for making our

visit a memorable one hope to see you soon.




“A great 2nd visit”

October 2012


Another great trip to N.

The staff and food were great

and again the folks we met were

wonderful. A lot of them had been

there before and had come back for

a return visit. The staff remembered

us from last May and it felt like

we were all one big family




“Give this resort a try if you love freedom from clothes”

September 2012


We were at the N-Resort from Sept 4 to Sept 12.

We were in block 10 that had a magnificent view

of the sea and beach from the balcony. We were

on the second floor and given the lack of insulation

the room did not stay cool during the heat of the

day but the A/C worked great at night. A ceiling fan

would be a welcome addition. We found it very relaxing

to listen to the sound of the ocean at night which

you could hear even with the A/C on. Our suit was

simple, rustic and comfortable enough since we did

not spend much time there except to shower and sleep.

The shower had great pressure and never ran out of

hot water. The only down side were the mosquitoes

during the evening so be sure to bring repellent.


The pathways that go throughout the resort are very

lush with tropical plants and trees, the grounds

are well maintained. We enjoyed the pool and swim

up bar. There is limited shade so that may be an

issue for some when the occupancy is high. We

enjoyed the water slide and volleyball in the pool

for which water shoes are needed. The beach has

some seaweed which the workers keep under control

as best as can be expected. The water was very

clear and warm but there were a lot of rocks to

avoid so bring water shoes or fins. We snorkeled

almost every morning and swam the reef lines which

are just rock beds covered in kelp with no coral.

There were a few fish to see along with squid,

octopi and spotted rays.


The other reviews are spot on in detailing the great

service and the friendliness of the staff.

The staff is very accommodating. Since the resort

was slow all meals were off the menu except for

two dinners that were buffet style. For us the

food was fine, we always found something to eat that

we liked. There were top shelf spirits that ran out

during the afternoon and evening. A chat with

Freddie, the GM fixed that for the most part.


This resort is a great alternative to other adult

resorts in Jamaica. Everyone gets along and has a

great time without the open promiscuous behavior.

The drinks and the food are better than any of

the other comparable priced resorts we have visited.

It is true that the resort needs updating.

This trip was still a great time and a better

bang for the buck. This resort is not smoke free,

so don't be surprised if people smoke. Also know

that clothing is not required in any of the restaurants

or grounds, for meals you only need a towel to sit on.

Most couples did cover up some for meals. This is a

nude resort so if you want hang out covered up or are

offended by someone eating in the buff you would

be better off to go somewhere else.


The only down side to our trip was the low attendance

which is expected this time of year. During our

visit there were only 4 to 5 couples there including us.

As long as the prices stay about the same we will

return when it is likely there will be more couples





“Amazing! A perfect naturist vacation!”

September 2012


We stayed at N-Resort from the 31-August to 10-September.

Words do not do this place justice. To be fair,

we like a laid back environment with the idea of

focusing on relaxation and a drink in our hands

(my husband prefers sodas). Even the smallest whisper

of wants were heard. Our room was literally on the

beach where you could walk out in the morning and

see the occasional sting ray feeding in the waters.

My husband said that this was the longest I have

ever stayed still in all of our 30 years!


If you are looking for a 5-star resort with over

the top amenities, then you will not be happy.

If you are looking for an adult retreat, where

you can relax, goof off, and enjoy a naturist

environment you will believe you have died and

gone to heaven. To be fair, we went on the

off-season, which for us - is preferable.

The amazing part is that the service never

suffered because of this. We still had entertainment,

activities and a full service restaurant.


The first positive is that the resort was the

first stop on the route. As soon as we got there,

we were shown our room and then taken to the poolside

restaurant to get us fed. O-Wayne patiently waited

while we ate and then promptly gave us a tour of the

property. The property is lush, secluded and the

buildings have a rustic feel to them. Because we

prefer to come during off season, many of the smaller

shops and such were closed. We were assured that

should we want to use the facilities, they would

open for us. While there, one of the guests

requested and received a seaside massage (and

she did look quite relaxed afterwards!)


The room was cleaned twice daily. In the evening,

the mosquito net was opened and from the response

of the other guest, sprayed for mosquitoes

(no smell was in the room). The food was good

and plentiful, and if you wanted something to

snack on during the day, the staff was accommodating

and willing to help! If you wanted more in the

fridge, they would stock to you specific desires.

Including extra bottles of your favorite beverage

if you so desire. I do not like super sweet drinks

and each of the staff members would know not to add

the simple syrup to my drink. They remembered what

you ordered to drink for lunch and when you sat down

- it was there without asking!


As an early riser, the resort would open the exercise

room up early so that I could work out and allow my

husband to sleep in. Then, when I decided to take an

early walk, Greg got up early so that I could walk

in the morning (6:30 in the morning!). We were rewarded

with seeing two octopi in the grass. We both got to

touch one of them!


Some memorable moments: Dancing with Geoffery during the

entertainment, knowing that Colette was willing to put

sunscreen on my back first thing in the morning and being

rewarded with a big hug after her few days off! Sampling

all of the different foods that Jeffery had to offer and

knowing that whatever I asked in terms of special seasoning

or style, he would comply and it would be good. O-Wayne

playing volleyball in the pool and his laugh when he hit

it over! And best of all - the waterslide! That was a blast!!!!


I disagree wholeheartedly with any of the reviews that talks

about Freddy being rude. He is business-like and professional.

He demands that the staff caters to the customer and does

so well. He never was rude or overly demanding at ANY time.


The property is still in need to fixing up, however, unlike

many of the resorts in Jamaica, I believe that N-resort is

one that is on it's way up rather than in a state of decline.

If you go with the understanding that this is more of a simple

design with great staff, good food and great atmosphere,

then you will not be disappointed! I cannot wait until next

year when we go back!



“Phenomenal, restful, 5 star cuisine,

attentive friendly staff.....better

than home away from home.”

July 2012


Read above... :). If you want to enjoy

the people and flavor of Jamaica then

this resort is perfect.



July 2012
We stayed at N Resort from July 11th
through July 21st. It was the best all
-inclusive vacation we have experienced
(we have been to about 8 all-inclusives
in the Caribbean). We researched our
options and chose N for a number of
reasons. The first positive for this
resort is it's proximity to/from the
airport in Montego Bay (just a short
30 to 40 minute commute). Once we
arrived, the front desk staff was friendly
and efficient and handed us our first
(of many!) drinks. Then, it was off to
our room and the bellman carried our luggage
and explained all of the details we would
need to enjoy our room (how to have our
refrigerator re-stocked, how to operate
the safe, etc.). We stayed in room 125
which is literally 3 or 4 feet off of the
sea! What an incredible view to wake up
to every morning!! We loved the rustic charm
of the cabin-like appearance of the buildings
(which is quite unique in the Caribbean).
The room was VERY clean with service twice
daily! This may not be a big deal to some..
But, it was something that we really
appreciated after returning from the beach
to get ready for dinner. Any sand that may
have returned to our room with us was gone
when we returned after dinner! Elizabeth was
our housekeeper and she was incredible!
In fact, you will not find a better staff
on the island! They all work very hard to
accomodate the guests.
July 2012
We stayed at N Resort from July 11th
through July 21st. It was the best all
-inclusive vacation we have experienced
(we have been to about 8 all-inclusives
in the Caribbean). We researched our
options and chose N for a number of
reasons. The first positive for this
resort is it's proximity to/from the
airport in Montego Bay (just a short
30 to 40 minute commute). Once we
arrived, the front desk staff was friendly
and efficient and handed us our first
(of many!) drinks. Then, it was off to
our room and the bellman carried our luggage
and explained all of the details we would
need to enjoy our room (how to have our
refrigerator re-stocked, how to operate
the safe, etc.). We stayed in room 125
which is literally 3 or 4 feet off of the
sea! What an incredible view to wake up
to every morning!! We loved the rustic charm
of the cabin-like appearance of the buildings
(which is quite unique in the Caribbean).
The room was VERY clean with service twice
daily! This may not be a big deal to some..
But, it was something that we really
appreciated after returning from the beach
to get ready for dinner. Any sand that may
have returned to our room with us was gone
when we returned after dinner! Elizabeth was
our housekeeper and she was incredible!
In fact, you will not find a better staff
on the island! They all work very hard to
accomodate the guests.


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